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White label WordPress website development for SEOs, designers and digital marketers

Get more done in less time with a white label partner for you next WordPress project

As a busy digital marketing professional you can't get bogged down with building and maintaining your client's websites, let DJM Websites handle it for you. We can help you with design, development and support. 


We can design the site for your SEO, PPC or social media project. 
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We specialize in building fast websites quickly using the Oxygen page builder.
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We offer ongoing support, hosting, requests and fixing the inevitable bug.
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Every site build has...

Mobile Ready 

Every site we build is tested to ensure a great user experience across all devices and screen sizes.

Fast Hosting

If you choose, your service would include hosting on a dedicated cloud server. It’s fast, reliable and includes daily backups.

Free SSL

Each site comes with a FREE SSL certificate. Get peace of mind with a secure site. Great for SEO too!


Set up Google Analytics to get insight into how your customers view and interact with your website.


Out of the box the number one tool for fast, solid, SEO focused sites configured to grow with your business.


Maintenance and hosting to keep your site up to date, revisions and troubleshooting bugs.

The tools we use

Every site is built using the following plugins. The reason is that each one has been tried and tested over years of development and have shown to be solid and dependable. 
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Are you thinking about scaling your business with a white label partner?

I've put together some tips to help you find someone who can help you with your projects. I cover the following key points to ensure success:
  • Why you should start with a smaller project to start
  • The importance of trust and how this will build confidence
  • Why good communication matters to get your projects completed and delivered on time
  • Discover the benefits of getting back lost time when you outsource
  • Discover the huge cost-benefits of outsourcing when you're scaling your business
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Frequently asked questions 

If you do not see your question here please use out contact form to send us a message. We usually respond within 24 hrs during normal business hours,
Really depends on the specific needs of each project. But what doesn't change is the foundation. The starter site includes Oxygen, ACF, SEOPress and UpdraftsPlus for backups.
The number one reason is to keep the client away from the Oxygen page builder. But it also allows them to have more autonomy. If a client wants to change a headline, add a photo, update a paragraph, add a question to an FAQ or to a testimonial they can do it without having to call the developer. But best of all it eliminates the possibility of breaking the design.
The number one main focus of my agency is to streamline the build process by using proven frameworks and a solid foundation. With a strong starter site that is constantly being improved upon each site is up and running fast - literally one push of a button. With a complete CSS framework there is virtually no setup there either but more importantly, absolutely no guesswork. If we get a fully designed website with ALL the content ready, it could take as little as a week for a 10-page site.
Short answer, yes. In fact I often get a design just for desktop screens with the directive to make it look good on everything. With a tool called ResponsiveApp I have just about every conceivable device displayed on one browser window while a work. It's the next best thing to having the actual devices sitting on my desk.
Yes, no problem.
That depends. If you bring a complete package ready to go - every image, all pages mapped with written and video content 100% complete - I can give you a fixed price and a deadline. Where it gets a little tricky is when the content is incomplete. I'll work this way, getting content as it comes in, but it then becomes necessary to charge an hourly rate.
Yes, I use Cloudways for all the sites I host and maintain. Ongoing support is on a month-to-month basis - no contract - and the cost depends on the amount of support you need. For just the basics, plugin updates, troubleshooting, and hosting, rates could be as low as $99/month.
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Daren J. Morreale

Founder/Owner DJM Websites 

In the summer of 2017 I was contacted by a former colleague to help develop a WordPress website for her client. They had the design ready to go but didn't have the time or expertise to execute the build. That's where I came in. We got the site built on a short deadline and, to this day, we are still working together. So far we've built a total of four websites together. 

This is what I've come to like most about the work I do - not only do I get to build great websites, but I also get to build lasting partnerships with people I like working with. 

From the beginning I've been focused on serving as a white label partner to help digital marketers, SEOs and even other agency owners build solid websites that are fast and technically sound. 

I develop all my websites with the Oxygen page builder. I chose Oxygen because it has a reputation for making lean and fast websites. And it does. The results speak for themselves

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