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Step By Step Website Guide

In this video you will learn a lot about how to get a website built for your business. I cover the top software available, from self hosted to all in one solutions. I hope you come away from this with a better understanding of your options. Then, with your new knowledge, make a more informed decision on how to get what's best for you. And if you come away more confused than ever, no worries, just drop me a line and I'll help to clarify everything, if I can.
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Hiring a pro to build your website might not be right for you.

Is it right for you? It depends. "It depends" can answer a lot of questions. It's actually a running joke between me and my partners. How much does a website cost? Answer: it depends. Should you hire a pro to build it for you? It depends. I'm going to try to cover some of the […]
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How much a professional website costs

There are many types of websites ranging from a simple one-page site to a huge eCommerce store. Learn what makes the price go up and what can bring it down.
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What it takes to get a website designed for your business

Deep down you know your website looks awful and you need a professionally designed website that accurately represents your business in order to compete. But at the same time you’re not ready to shell out several grand to get it done.  An unprofessional site can severely diminish your professional brand. When people come to your […]
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Responsive Website

The challenge On a project I completed recently I had the challenge of taking a complex design and get it to work on the web. It involved precisely lining up three horizontal triangle shapes on top of a contrasting section beneath them and it had to be consistent across many different screen sizes. Not only […]
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The Reset Position

What it is It’s inevitable that at some point the game plan is going to get knocked off course. I sometimes find myself in an unexpected and unrecognizable position that I have no experience with yet. As Mike Tyson is famously quoted as saying “Everyone has a plan until they get hit.” Instead of trying […]
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Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

“To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” –Friedrich Nietzsche I find so much inspiration form this quote that I’ve also found a way to make it an integral part of my life. Especially as I grow older. Comfort is a silent killer I like being comfortable, what […]
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The Pivot To Plugin Independence

Self sufficiency I’ve always had an uneasy feeling about being reliant on one source of anything. Never wanted to become dependent on a single thing, I’m a bit of a survivalist in that sense. Growing up in New York City created a low level of always-there-anxiety - And I’m third generation New Yorker, my grandparents […]
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