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The complete solution for taking care of your website
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This plan includes cloud hosting and the basic things necessary to keep you site running smoothly. This works best for brochure type sites that do not require a lot of updates. 
WordPress, theme and plugin updates
Daily server-level backups
30 minutes support and request time
Weekly plugin updates
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Get everything included in the Basic plan plus more support time to make updates to your website. Form adding content to making changes to existing pages or posts. 
WordPress, theme and plugin updates
Daily server-level backups
Daily off-site backups
90 minutes support and request time
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Top-level support and priority response for all your website needs. This is ideal for e-commerce shops and high-traffic sites where it is a top priority to keep your site in peak performance. 
WordPress, theme and plugin updates
Daily backups and security checks
5 hours support and request time
Trouble shoot and fix bugs
Woocommerce support 
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Managed WordPress hosting

All plans include hosting on Cloudways' Vultr servers. Depending on your site's needs higher storage and performance packages are available, contact me for details

Of course you can host your site anywhere you like but server performance can not be guaranteed if you do.   

For anything other than a brochure site I would strongly discourage using shared hosting. 
Backups are kept on a server of your choice. It could be Dropbox, Google Drive, any where you want really. All of Cloudways' plans include daily backups for added peace of mind. 

Backups are made daily on a 7 day cycle. This can be modified as needed.
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