Frequently asked questions

This is a short list of the questions we get asked the most. If you'd like to know more or follow up on any of these just click the button below and you will be presented with a form to ask anything you want.

How long does it take to build my website?

The goal is to get your site up and running within 5-10 business days after signing up and filling out the Easy Start And Go Process form. This depends on you being able to get images, logos, and any copy (text) over to us. If you need assistance in any of these tasks, I can provide guidance and am able to recommend reputable pro content writers or photographers.

How much does it cost to get started?

Once you sign up with us, we securely capture your credit card information to begin your first month payment and immediately start building your server and website that same day. You will receive our Easy Start And Go Process Plan file to help walk you through the content and copy needed to fill in your new site. We make the process as quick and as smooth as possible for you. There are no hidden fees!

What is included in your basic package?

Our basic package of $299/mo is setup to make sure your business looks and functions great from the start. Your site will be mobile optimized, have Google analytics installed, WordPress integrated to the back end, 7 Day Support for easy fixes to any issues or questions, blogging capabilities, website hosting on our optimized cloud servers, and a free SSL certificate installed and set up!

We did our best to include the most important features a website should have. From there, you can choose to upgraded or add custom features that you think will better fit your specific needs. For example, a shopping cart so you can sell products online.

Do you manage Emails?

We DO NOT manage emails. We recommend you host your emails on a server and platform separate from your website for security reasons. There are plenty of options but I recommend Google Suite. I can guide you with this if you need more assistance.

Do you do Paid In Full and Discounts?

We offer a subscription service to help make sure we can actively keep your site up to date and future-proof your online presence while also giving you active support for any issues or changes you may need.

There is a paid in full option which is $7200 billed in three installments. 50% to start, 25% at design approval and the remaining 25% to launch. Please keep in mind that this does not include hosting or maintenance.

Our service is meant to be a monthly service model, but some people prefer paying the entire cost of their website upon completion and we’ll accommodate those who prefer this.

What happens after I sign up?

Once you sign up you will receive a detailed document with all the info you will need to get your site up and running ASAP. This document will make it as easy as possible for you to be able to provide everything needed to build your site.

Included will be a link to a Google drive account set up for you. It’s a single place where all your documents will be stored and shared between us that will ensure we are synced up and working on the same page.

If you need help writing content for your site you will be provided a list of trusted pros who can help you with writing copy. Same goes for photography.

But if stock photography is what you need, links will also be included to both free and premium services. All the bases are covered.

The goal is to have your new site up in less 15 days, maybe sooner.

What happens if I want to cancel early?

If you cancel prior to your agreement time we have a cancellation fee of 50% of your remaining balance and your site will be scheduled for deletion within 2 weeks. If you want to keep your site and move it to your own host our buyout fee is $500 for us to package your site and database and give it to you to self manage, this would be on top of any cancellation fees if you did not complete your contract.

If you stay until the contract expire the buyout fee no longer applies. If you do not renew and want to move to another service, we will help move you to a new platform for no additional charge. If you do renew for another 24 month contract, you will have the option of a complete site re-design for a fresh, new look.

What happens when my contract is up?

If you renew your contract, we give you a FREE website redesign. If you decide not to renew, we give you our transfer service free of charge. We will prepare all of your files and database to allow you to move your website to a new hosting provider so you do not lose any data and can self-manage your website moving forward.

Can I use my own hosting provider?

No. We use the best-in-the-business cloud hosting service and optimize your site to run on those servers. In order to provide the best possible service it is crucial to keep your site on these servers.
If you have more questions feel free to reach out using our convenient contact form or visit our FAQ page

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