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One page site built Part 1: Clone the starter site

This video is the first of a series to show the process I go through when building a website with WordPress and Oxygen builder.

My goal is to get a site built fast and in order to do that, a solid foundation is key. I learned how to make certain elements of the page responsive right off the bat, which means I save a lot of time because I do not need to use media queries.

For example, all my text, h1-6, and paragraph elements are globally set to adjust in size as the screen sizes change and I show how in the video.

And all of this is done on my starter site. Saves time. I also set global padding this way too.

I'd estimate that on larger projects, just is one step alone could save hours in development time because I don't ever even have to think about it. Done. Faster, cheaper and better.




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