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Everyone finds information online from the same place, Google, Bing or Yahoo. Capturing leads on search engines has become essential for businesses today. While organic optimization will help you to increase your visibility, paid marketing is another competitive ground altogether.
Why do search engine marketing >

Here’s the scope of our Search Engine Marketing Services

Google Ads

Google is undoubtedly the king of search. Owing around 95% of the market share, it’s imperative for a marketer to put a budget towards Google Ads. From specifying the right campaign objective, targeting the right audience, to in-depth keyword research and ad placements, we execute high-performance SEM campaigns.

Bing Ads

Bing Ads can bring high intent users to the website. Our certified PPC campaign experts help businesses best utilize the Bing platform by creating well-optimized paid marketing campaigns.

Ad Retargeting

Retargeting means to target and show the ads to the audience that has taken certain actions on a website that leads them through the funnel and turns them into a prospect and not just a visitor. Retarget your prospective customers using specially created ads - something which helps you shape your brand in a tailored way.

Video Ad Management

YouTube is the world's 2nd biggest search engine. Video ads are thriving as its viewers grow each day by the millions. Focused targeting will help you gain recognition for your business and build a loyal customer base through effective Video Ad Management.

PPC Audits

Unsure about how your PPC campaigns are compared to the best practices? Are you wondering whether it’s the right channel for you? Dive into sharp insights of our PPC audits and make informed decisions to achieve more by getting a comprehensive analysis of your existing and historical PPC ad campaigns!

Why do Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine marketing has opened up a virtual marketing environment that is easily accessible to everyone. There’s also a much healthier competitive environment here than any physical marketplace.

Why? Because knowing what is working, and what isn’t, is the power here. With detailed reports you will know exactly how you campaign is performing. You will know which ads bring in visitors and which ones don’t. There is no guessing here. Everything is tracked and reported to you in an easy to understand report each month.

With SEM you can fulfill your paid marketing goals and bring in quality leads and conversions while having full control over the budget. Here’s a rundown to the benefits SEM Agency can drive to your SEM campaigns.

Quick Results

Search engine marketing delivers quick results. Unlike organic marketing, paid ads give near instant results. And with that, your product or service offerings get targeted visibility to attract the right leads for your business.

Brand Awareness

You can choose this to be the key goal of your PPC campaign. With a large audience accessing information online, search engines are way better than billboards to show and highlight your business on the first page to let people know you're here.

Focused Targeting

Most traditional marketing techniques suffer from one limitation – you can’t accurately and consistently choose who will see your ads. By running SEM campaigns, you can drill down to a minuscule level to select a section of people to show your ads based on their geo-location, interests, search queries, etc. This way, your budget is utilized to reach to the visitors who are genuinely interested in your services/products.

Highly Optimized Ads

Strategies and targeting work in the background. What your customer will see are your ads. We make attractive and optimized ads that inform the users and entice them to click on the ad.

Charged only when the ad is clicked

Perhaps the friendliest aspect of PPC marketing is the control you have in terms of budget. You are only charged when a user clicks your ad. That means when your ads are displayed on the search engine results page, or SERP, you only pay when someone clicks your ad.

Quantifiable Performance

Probably the most useful benefit of PPC marketing is that you can measure everything. You can see the curve moving as your efforts change, and based on that you can make data-driven decisions. From measuring clicks & revenue to more complex data such as call durations or search impression share, SEM lets you track matrices that can be converted into marketing strategies.
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