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What's a website care plan and do I really need one?

What does my website care plan cover?

If I build the site for you and you choose to sign up for a care plan I will cover the hosting of your site and make sure it is secure and all the software is kept up to date. 

Security is a big issue

It just comes with the territory, your site is under constant threat from hackers. This is not to say someone is specifically targeting your website, but your site could get caught up in a widespread attack. 

The goal of some attacks is to spread viruses. I know, why? But either way, it is what it is and we have to be prepared. 

Some of the hackers out there do it just for bragging rights. They search for new vulnerabilities all the time, sometimes just to improve their skills. And they will focus on small businesses because the owner of a small site may not be taking security very seriously. “Why would they attack my site? We’re small and have nothing to steal.” Good luck with that. Don't take the chance. 

Many points of attack for a WordPress website may not be the core software itself, it’s the plugins, themes and the hosting server. This is why it’s important to not only keep everything up to date, but to also chose carefully from the very beginning. A website professional can help you make smart choices right from the start. 

Think about all that time you don't waste and the headaches you will avoid

There is a lot to keep on top of here and if you are a business owner busy running your business, who’s got time for that, right? This is the main reason to consider getting on a web care plan. They’re not that expensive and the peace of mind you get is worth it.

I hate to drag out a way overused analogy, but it really is the best one out there - think of it like car insurance or regular maintenance. Without it, you're taking a chance. And when things break down it is never at a convenient time for you or your customers. Not worth it.

It's what I do 5 out of 7 days every week

For me, I spend 5 out of 7 days each and every week in the world of WordPress and websites. If there is a problem I will know about it. If there is a security issue, I’ll know about it. It’s what I do. 

I also have carefully chosen and tested the products and services I use. They have been around for some time and have passed the test of time. I also use a staging environment to test them myself before I deploy anything to a live site. 

What’s a staging site?

A staging site is an exact clone of the live site and once I’ve tested out the new plugin or a major update, and I know it’s safe, then I push it to the live site. No surprises. 

Here is what my care plan covers:

Maintenance Only

1) WordPress core update

3) Updates of all plugins

4) Daily, full-site back ups to the cloud

5) 24/7 security monitoring

This plus peace of mind for $75/mo.

Maintenance plus support

This includes everything from the maintenance plan plus the following benefits:

1) 3 hrs of dedicated support

2) Content updates


$99/year Termageddon license for custom Privacy Policy & Terms of Service pages.

And that's what a care plan is

If you have any other questions please reach out. I'm here to help




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