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What it takes to get a website designed for your business

Deep down you know your website looks awful and you need a professionally designed website that accurately represents your business in order to compete. But at the same time you’re not ready to shell out several grand to get it done. 

An unprofessional site can severely diminish your professional brand. When people come to your website to gauge the competency of your business, they will look at visual cues.

What can you do?

You could build it yourself

DIY services have made building websites really, really easy today but no matter how easy those services make it you still have to spend at least some amount of time learning to use them, they’re not that easy.

Now design it

After you spend an entire weekend watching tutorials on YOuTube to get up to speed it’s time to design your website. After all, as easy as these DIY services make it to build a website they can’t design them for you.

Just design something you like, easy, right?

This is the single biggest mistake you can make. You’re not designing for you, you’re designing for your customers. 

You have to know your specific customer very well and you have to design something for them, not you. 

For example, a plumber who serves homeowners in a finished home should design their website very differently from a plumber who only serves building contractors working in new construction only. 

Basically it’s the same service, but they are very different customers with different needs. A good design is only good if your customer gets it.

Design is done, you’re good to go

Not yet. You have to deliver your message in a way that people will read it. Keep it short. Don’t waste time telling them about you, they don’t care about you, they care about what you can do for them.

If someone doesn't see what you can do for them in about 5 seconds, they are going to leave. You must get them the specific information they need fast. People don’t have time to read your website so if they don’t see what you can do for them right away they will end up spending their money with your competitor.

What can you do

Most people will just scan a page and usually in a very predictable pattern. Knowing where to place the most important information is critical to making sure your customers see it. So you have to make sure the most important information falls within a specific pattern and tells them exactly what to do. Don’t make them think, it’s exhausting. 

My website is designed and the copy is tight, let’s go!

Still no, not yet. 

Your website must be optimized for performance. People won’t trust a slow website and Google will penalize a site that doesn’t meet certain performance benchmarks. Think of it as tuning the engine of your car. 

Would you wait around for a slow webpage to load if you had other options?

Your website has to be fast and there are a few key factors that go into making your site lightning fast. Images are the number one biggest culprit when it comes to slowing a site down. You need to be efficient when preparing images for your website. 

Most browsers these days do resize images even if they are not optimized correctly. Don’t make the browser resize your images!

The bottom line is a slow website will cost you money.

There’s a lot to think about when building a website. 

Building websites is our business. Design, creatively mixed with technology and problem solving to help our clients succeed is very satisfying. 

As a business owner, you not only need a professionally designed website, you also need a strategic partner. Someone you can count on to help guide you to achieve the best possible results. You’re busy working on your core business, leave the tech to people who love doing it.

The budget for a new website

The cost of a website can range from free - the DIY route - to tens of thousands of dollars.

You probably fall somewhere in the middle of that range. But we’re still talking about a few grand and it’s still a lot to spend all at once, even for businesses that are well on their way to profitability.

I get it, building a business is tough, running a business is tougher. Worrying about how you are spending your money? Forget about it. But it’s worth it, right?

So instead of shelling out $7 or $8 grand for a website today, another option is to join forces with a strategic partner and build that relationship over time to ensure your success for the long term.

So now you know

You now know basically what a website should be. You can still go the DIY route and you will, if you put the time in, get a serviceable website.

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